" Henry Moseley in his 90th Anniversary Workshop " was started to organise as an international workshop but it is cancelled now because it could not be find financial support from ' the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey', 'The British Council - Turkey branch', and ' the European Physical Society'. 
     Instead of an international workshop it is organised as a National and one day long workshop named " Henry Moseley'i Anma Çalıştayı " on 29th of September, 2005.


Moseley's Graveyard Location Identified

    In an effort to locate the place where Henry Moseley lost his life on the fierce fighting on 09-10 August 1915, a search was conducted M.E. Ozel, and N. Dilli from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and Mr. Ian Mcquigg from British Commonwealth War Graves Commission at Çanakkale on June 28, 2005. Using the map and explanations by J.L. Heilbron in his 1974 book "Henry Moseley's Life", we were able to locate the exact site where Moseley's troops and Turkish defense forces met. The site is mentioned as "The Farm" on the texts about war, with no mention of Moseley. However, his troop's commander Baldwin is noted which makes this identification definite.