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It is a province located at Northwest of Anatolian peninsula.

Province Area: 9.737 km²

Province Population: ~500.000

City of Çanakkale Population: ~75.000

Traffic Code: 17

Çanakkale is a city of education, culture  and history with a past stretching back 5000 years. It has been nourished by the legacy of ancient cultural treasures such as the Illiad by Homer. The province covers the enchanting historical sites within its boundaries like Troy, mounth Ida, Gallipoli war field and many other ancient remnats. The city is now an significant tourism centre.


Çanakkale reveals a different beauty for all seasons, with the geography of a unique sea strait -the Dardanelles- passing through between Asia Minor and Europa. The fertility of its land and the glamour of its history overwhelm all visiters. It can be described as "richly ancient", "beautifully natural" and "simultaneously modern".


Counties of Çanakkale Province: Çanakkale (center), Ayvacık, Bayramiç, Bozcaada, Biga, Çan, Eceabat, Ezine, Gelibolu, Gökçeada, Lapseki, Yenice.


Inter-city highway from İstanbul Auto-Gar at Esenler to Çanakkale city, there are hourly busses. To reach at the Auto-Gar, there is the metro line from Istanbul Airport to Auto-Gar between 06:30 am till next day 01:00 am after midnight at all days.

Other highways to Çanakkale are (1) from Bursa (270 km east) and (2) from Izmir (300 km south). Bus transportation from all large cities in Turkey start from local intercity gars, usually called Otogar (Auto-Gar).

Telephones of Bus Lines from local Otogars.

at İstanbul: 0 212 444 00 17 : Bus company: TRUVA

                   0 212 444 0562 : Bus company: KAMİL KOÇ

at İzmir:      0 232 444 00 17 : Bus company: TRUVA

                   0 232 444 0562 : Bus company: KAMİL KOÇ

at Çanakkale  0 286 444 00 17 : Bus company: TRUVA

                         0 286 444 0562 : Bus company: KAMİL KOÇ


Present Turkish currency is called  YTL (Yeni Türk Lirası-New Turkish Lira). YTL is fully convertible. There is no currency black market. All convertible foreign money and YTL are fully convertable at most hotels, banks and supermarkets. YTL is freely sold and bought in hotels, banks and special exchange offices called "döviz bürosu". You can get the best rates at special exchange offices which are open even on Saturdays. Even if you can not speak Turkish, you will find banking exchange centers (Bankamatiks) with English language as an option.


You can connect to the internet  from your hotel room, from the lobby or from one of the internet cafe's which are almost everywhere in Çanakkale. There will be an internet facility during the conference in the Dardanos Campus.


International telephone access code of Turkey is 90. Then we have the area codes. For Çanakkale it is 286 while the codes for Ankara and Izmir are 312 and 232 respectively. We have three mobile networks for now, and they have access codes like; 505, 555, 542, 532, 533 or 535. All telephone numbers are seven digits in Turkey. Therefore first dial 0, then three digit domestic code, finally seven digit number. As an example, calling a mobile number from your room will be like; 0 542 22 33 444.

To make an international call from Turkey, first dial double zero then int'l telephone code of your country, then your number.

The best deal in calling your country is reached through using PTT (National Post, Telegram and Telephone Office) phone cards. They will come in 60 or 100 credits. 100 credits will be fine for international calls. You can buy them from many shops and hotels ( 15-30% more than the normal price), or from any  post office.


At this time (September) of the year, climate at Çanakkale is mild, although some surprises can be seen as raining or windy days. Temperature will be around 20oC.